The company was registered in 1999 and has been under the leadership of Antoon Roodt since its inception.

Despite the date of registration Statio Properties only seriously enter the property market and related areas following 2004. As in many instances it has been slow beginnings which have steadily grown over the years. It has always been Statio Properties intention to ensure that all body corporate affairs will be managed in a professional and competent manner.

We do this by guiding the trustees in the most effective management of their affairs by arming them with the legal knowledge required. Our teams hand on approach has been one of the key factors in our success. We have two but equally important divisions under the umbrella of Sectional Title Scheme Management they are, Financial (accounting), and Legal. Added to this we have a small but growing rental and sales division. We are of the opinion that this division will hold its own considering the rapped growth experienced.

The sales / rental and Sectional Title divisions will provide any such services as far North as Ballito, to the South up to Kingsburgh and to the West as far afield as Pietermaritzburg. Statio Properties and the books of account are run from the 1st to the last day of the month where upon the cash books are reconciled to bank statements. All pertinent balances are checked prior to closing off and submitted to the Board of Trustees for consideration. It is further our objective to ensure that work is attended to on a regular and continuous basis and our policy is for work received to be completed and presented for consideration in the shortest possible time frame.

Our office is currently situated at 32 Chamberlain Road, Jacobs, Durban and we can be communicate with via normal landline, E-mail, Fax, Cell phone and in person.